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Rural Entrepreneur Development Program

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme (REDP) is one of the important NFS promotional programmes supported by NABARD for creating sustainable employment and income opportunities in a cost effective manner for the benefit of educated unemployed rural youth.

Objective of REDP

Developing entrepreneurial and activity-oriented skills among unemployed rural youths willing to set up small/ micro-enterprises by assisting Voluntary Agencies (VA)/ Non- Governmental Organisations (NGO)/ Development Agencies (DA)/ RUDSETIs etc. with good track record in conducting REDPs. 


The Rural Entrepreneur Development Program (REDP) project which was sponsored by NABARD for Village Singhran, has resulted in huge success with establishment of 23 Vermi-hatchery units by trainee with more than 271 Lakhs of total (Collective) project outlay along with generation of 87 employment.